Vermin control is an integral part of raising goats of any breed.                                                                            Foxes are the main predators and need to be dealt with using all methods of extermination.
Routine baiting, where baiting can be carried out legally, is a recognized method.
It has been proven that shooting is also a very effective control method. Generally a breeder will be doing routine checks of kidding does throughout the night for possible problems with kidding etc. This can be an ideal time to look for foxes.
Just wandering around with a firearm is a fairly ineffective process. By far the best is with the use of night vision equipment. This way you will have the ability to see the foxes long before they see you and become a threat.
Night vision comes in various forms, and unfortunately various costs (but how much do you value your goats?)
The way we have done fox control for many years now, is to make use of a thermal monocular to observe foxes (at up to 500 m), (at the same time you can observe your goats to find individual animals in the paddock) then after assessing the situation, the firearm, preferably also equipped with thermal, can then be used as required.
I can be contacted to discuss this method at any time.                                                                                        There are many “Night Vision” products available, that by the advertising jargon, will seem to be a VERY workable option at an attractive price. DO NOT be fooled, these items will NOT do the job, they will just waste your money.
I suggest you visit my website       (link)          and “study” the “Night Vision Information” pages, or talk to me directly for advice.
Actual night demonstrations can be arranged for a "hands on" trial with all grades of night vision.